Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Subversion is king!

It's hard to describe just how sweet Subversion is. At first, I thought I might miss VS.NET integration, being a former VSS/SGV user, but actually, it's so much nicer without it. I don't have to worry about readonly files, I just load up a solution, and do whatever I want to it, then commit my changes when everything works. Nothing's ever locked, I don't have to ask anyone to check something in. Downloading or Uploading is seriously at least 10 times faster than VSS. My folder structure on the drive is my folder structure in the repository, I don't have funkiness going on where the source control decides to start nesting project folders six deep for no reason (that I can tell).

It's just a thing of beauty. If you're a VSS user, you owe it to yourself to download TortoiseSVN, and force yourself to work with it for a week. If you're not convinced after a few days, then no loss, at least then you'll know why every open source project you download uses CVS or SVN. It's not (just) because it's free; it's because it really is just soooo much better.

I wish I'd had the motivation to give it a shot a long time ago. Oh well :)
The Ankh project on Tigris.org adds Subversion integration to VS.NET. I never used VSS very much, but from what I recall, I like Ankh much better anyway.
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