Friday, June 03, 2005

My Job (2)

Things are much better this week. It looks like all the hard work on the ASP.Net project paid off, and things are looking up!

Woo hoo!

I've got a lot on my plate to digest this weekend. Hopefully I'll get to atleast one. :)

I want to look into that new OfficeXml stuff to see if it'll be useable anytime soon. I wanted to take a deeper look at Drools2.0. I need to work more on my own RulesEngine. I need to add some more features to my UIBroker. I need to add support for Flags() enums in the XmlActivator, and I really need to get around to adding support for custom Constructors. I need to see if I can swap out NHibernate 0.8's criteriaImpl for 0.7's so I get my pre-fetch support back. I need to get started on a new version of an Excel/SqlServer Automation Reporting/Mailing Service I wrote. If I can get it done on the weekend I'll open-source it. (Probably not, but who knows?)

I need to brush up on my Asp.Net skills more regarding dynamic controls, server controls, etc. I need to polish up my Ajax adventures and control-ify 'em.

If I could I'd spend a couple weeks on all that. :)

Oh yeah, and I need to polish off "The Pickaxe" Ruby book... I think I might do that Excel automation thing in Ruby for practice.

I'm currently reading:

"Anti-Patterns" by Brown, Malveau, McCormick, & Mowbray.
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