Saturday, June 25, 2005

My Influences

Martin Fowler: Is an introduction really necessary? Love it or hate it, but this is the name on everyone's lips. You can't read a modern book programming book on design that doesn't mention him at least once. He certainly didn't invent the topic, but for many, he made it accessable. Here's a career tip: If Martin Fowler says something you disagree with, you're wrong. End of story. I know, I know, idolatry bad, but seriously, it's like the old phrase "nobody ever got fired for choosing IBM".

Dave Thomas: Let me start off by saying, I only buy half of what he says. :) I'm probably wrong about the half I disagree with, but just the same. Why Mr. Thomas? While Mr. Fowler dishes out the goods when it comes to principles, patterns, and career lessons, Dave Thomas keys you into what's important, and what's not. You'll find out how to get stuff done by reading his books, and how not to loose sight of the goal. He's taught me new languages, tools, and every day there's more and more I find he was right about.

Scott Bellware: I'll be satisfied if I can "just" be on his level eventually. I dunno what it is exactly, maybe it's the rants. :) This guy is just the sort you want to have on your team. He seems like a normal guy, passionate about his work, and he helps to clue the rest of us in. He needs to post more though. :)

Frans Bouma: This guy is it for DataAccess. If you have to listen to one person on the subject, this is the person IMO. Why? Because he knows his stuff. Don't think this is because I'm a fan of his product (LLBLGenPro) either. I'm not so much. What I appreciate in LLBLGenPro is it's level of polish. It is without a doubt the most stable O/R Mapper in .Net land with the best documentation. I don't personally care for it's query interface though. Hopefully v2 makes some changes. :) Anyways, Frans is just a smart, patient guy who posts some great articles. He's always entertaining, and I've never seen him wrong. Of course he freely admits that he's been wrong before, and that he learned from it, and that's why you should listen to him, because he's been there, done that, seen it from both sides, and had the sense to swallow his pride and re-evaluate his position. This is why when Frans open's his mouth, you had better listen very carefully.

Hammet: What can you say? The community needs more guys like this. While I'm here making some little post on my little blog, he's out there banging out code for free that thousands of developers are using. I can think of few people who've made contributions as great as his to the .Net community (Charlie Poole & Michael C. Two, Jamie Cansdale, Paul Wilson, Darren Neimke, Mike Doerfler to name a few on the short-list), and yet he's very accessable and friendly. Start pushing the boundries of the .Net framework when it comes to AOP, Reflection, application frameworks, Inversion Of Control, etc, and you'll quickly find that all roads seem to inexplicably lead back to hammett. Wether you're currently all that interested in these topics or not, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better resource for "thinking outside the box" when it comes to programming applied to the .Net Framework IMO.

There's lots of people that aren't on this list that deserve to be, but these are my main influences. Hopefully somebody finds these links helpful. :)
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