Wednesday, June 22, 2005


First off, I owe Jay an apology. I posted a knee-jerk reaction here earlier to his censoring a comment of mine. It's his blog, he can do what he wants, and I need to take away the lesson from this whole little episode that you can lure more flies with honey than vinegar. :)

So Jay, if you're reading, I apologize, and if I do choose to take part in a discussion of yours again, I'll try to follow your example and be a bit more civil.

On with my (friendlier hopefully) comments on the topic:

Jay Kimble says: That there's a problem with Ajax (or the discussion about it).

What he doesn't talk much about is his implication that 5000+ lines of Javascript is inferior to a server-side (VBScript) solution.

My take is that 5000+ lines of anything for a single View is probably a problem, and if the code is hard to work with, then the real problem lies in refactoring it. That may indeed include moving more of the functionality server-side, but not necessarily. It might be easier for example to use a server-side template for return results, so that instead of a lot of .appendChild() calls in javascript, you can just set the value of an element. It's true that if you're not careful, client-side javascript can definitely be a performance problem after all.

In the end, it's still hard to comment with any authority not having actually seen the code in question though, so that's my best shot. :)
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