Saturday, May 07, 2005

UIBroker update...

Coming soon! Promise! Probably tommorow... I started work last week on the first web project I've worked on in about a year, and could've really used something like the UIBroker. So I'm gonna go ahead and re-write it. I'll keep the base class I think, but I'm probably going to kill the WinForms version until I get a quality implementation of the web-version. After that's done the WinForms version should be a piece of cake.

Since I've already re-written a good deal of it, and have a better idea of the direction I want it to go in, it should be pretty easy. I'm also going to do this one TDD style, like the XmlActivator was, since I'm pretty happy with how that turned out.

Definitely need to make this one recursive too. Lets lay it out real quick:

The whole point of this is to minimize tedious code. So I need to try to infer as much as possible. That means using the control-tree as the initial mapping, (after configuration-time mapping anyways), and walking it recursively. How do I handle mapping to an object graph recursively though? Can ID's have periods in them? Dunno off the top o' me head. If so, that's the way I'll go. If not, well, something else then.

I'll probably leave out validators in this version too. Tests, overall design, ease of use, and simple mappings are the focus of this version since that's what I have a need for right now. Performance, WinForms, and the last 5% of use-cases are on the back burner this release.
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