Friday, May 27, 2005

Eronel.Common and UIBroker

I made a few small updates to the XmlActivator. I added some test benchmarks, and support for overriding an object's Type with a type description in the Xml. In other words you can now use Interfaces, or Abstracts in your objects and specify the concrete or derived type in the Xml.

The benchmarks aren't earth-shattering, and truly it's going to be very usage specific. The bigger the object graph, the larger the Xml, the more Members there are to set, the more Reference types you use over ValueTypes, the slower. I used the "Garage" test (a Garage class with a few members, one being a list of Vehicles) as the basis for the XmlActivator benchmark. It executed 10,000 times in 4 seconds on my Centrino1.5Ghz laptop. 2,500 objects per second then. Seems fair enough to me, though I'm sure with actual Profiling there's lots of room to improve on that.

Just to reinforce how usage specific the performance will be, I also benchmarked the RegexActivator using the "Pet" test as it's basis (a Pet class with some members, one being a Person as the owner). Even though the RegexActivator is just a wrapper for the XmlActivator with some Matching and extra string manipulation, 10,000 iterations with it took only 3 seconds.

On to the UIBroker... I need to add dot-notation (or underscore replacements) support to it. Right now you have to compromise your form design with extra containers just to map deeper in the graph. I'll need dot-notation anyways to add mapping-file support cleanly I think.

Nothin' much else new. Done a bit of AJAX recently. Really nice. Working in an ASP3/No-COM/Sproc-Everywhere shop still sucks. Badly. But hopefully with the delivery of an ASP.NET project I just worked on things will finally start to change.
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