Sunday, April 10, 2005


Ruby is cool. AranchoRuby IDE is definitely the one to go for, if for nothing else than it manages to get auto-tabbing right. I love the fact that RegularExpressions are first class citizens in Ruby, and blocks are cool. (I just started learning yesterday, so sue me ;) )

%w{My name is Sam}.each {|s| puts s}

Results in:

Is that cool or what? Some people may say "meh", but ignore the example and think about what it's doing instead. In c# you'd have to do something like this:

foreach(string s in new string[] {"My", "name", "is", "Sam"}) Console.WriteLine(s);

If you're at all interested in programming you owe yourself to give Ruby a shot. Goto and click on the "Ruby Book (old)" link. If you're running Windows just find the windows installer at RubyForge. It comes with the FreeRide IDE, which would be nice enough if it had Arachno's color coding and tab completion. Maybe that'll be added soon.

BTW, if you thought Aspect Oriented Programming was cool, but were frustrated at c#'s roadblocks to it, you'll love Ruby. Runtime mixins of any type you could want, and you can emulate a pointcut through overwriting I think.
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